Saturday, March 3, 2012

Cruel February

This has been a most rather cruel February. 

Actually, this has been the most cruel February in my life. Several bad things happened, which have left me in a state of profound confusion, sadness and a really thick, gray fog clouding my thoughts. Every aspect of my life was affected by one thing or another and just when I thought nothing worst could happen, it did. 

I've been away, secluded into myself while I gather my thoughts and emotions and try to get back everything in one piece. Frustration and heartbreak have been poisoning me and I've been having a really hard time being my usually positive self. 

Oh February, why did you bring so much evil and hurt?

March is finally here, and hopefully, things will start looking up again. I hope Spring eats away at the ice cold winter currently taking over my spirit.

Until then, stay true.



  1. Stay strong, my dear friend!
    -Victor x

    1. thank you so much Victor, im trying. Hugs

  2. You exist for a reason,so dont let bad things in life take control of you. Love you, the sun will rise, youll se. Meanwhile just remember you have a family that adores you because you are you and if you are happy no matter how we will be happy to, if you are sad even if we doesnt know why we are holding you.... love you

  3. Ánimo, que aunque suene cursi o trillado o lo que sea, después de la tormenta viene la calma. El Universo te lo va a compensar


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