Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Here in Guatemala, we have this tradition on November 1st, which is "Día de todos los Santos" (All Hallows Day). On this day, usually a visit is paid to the Cemetery, to adorn the graves of relatives and friends with flowers and other decorations, then for lunch, a dish called "Fiambre" is served, which consists mostly of vegetables, cheeses and cold meats. It's one big mix, but the taste is amazing. 

My mother prepares this every year, the "white" variety, (there are red and white varieties). She has prepared the recipe year after year (handed down to her by both my Grandmothers and perfected by her), we all look forward to that day with my family, they all come home and hang out and we have fun all day with my cousin, nephews and nieces. 

Lots of fun guaranteed.

Some of the Fiambre ingredients (definitely not even half!)

A super colorful and tasty plate


Luis Andrés

Sleepy Ximena on the still warm sidewalk

Spinning round and round while Little Captain America dances

Familia, being us.