Monday, August 22, 2011


So, 1 year ago, on August 20th, I graduated from University here in Guatemala, and got my "Licenciatura" (5 year degree), on Marketing & Advertising, it was hard work and finally getting out was an amazing feeling, because for the first time in my life, I didn't have to prove to anyone what I did or did not know on a test, turn in homework, projects, advertising cases, worry about getting good grades. I was free, FREE!!!

That feeling of freedom was something I'd been longing for a longtime, because it meant that I would be able to finally concentrate more on the things I love, for example... photography of course!!!

And so it's been one year, and I DO MISS SCHOOL, because it also meant hanging out with my friends and stressing over tests together, pull all nighters finishing a project, and just being with them, but at the same time it's been the best year of my life, I've met so much people, done so many things, had so many crazy adventures around the city,  focused on what I love  and I just feel like I have truly lived.

So after graduating, I held a little party at my home with my closest friends and family, and boy it was FUN. 

Also , the cool part was that I got to spend the entire day with one of my closest friends, Glor , who is like a sister to me, and as an awesome non coincidence from the universe, her birthday was on the same day as my graduation as well, so it was twice the celebration.

So this year we got together again, didn't plan anything and just let things happen how they should, and this long photo post is a tiny account of our August 20th night. We had fun, ran into several friends, went to a show where friends were going to play, had drinks, had late late late dinner, and drove around the empty city. 

I stumbled on my Facebook status a year ago, it went like this:
"i am so stoked on life, high on life, psyched on life, drunk on life, excited on life, hyper on life. so eager on life, and guess what? i am totally happy."
I look back, and that still holds true today, if only increased by an infinite percent. 

these are our days.

The only pic I took of Gerry playing with his band Hermaano and I overexposed it. :/

Johannes playing with his band Hermaano. In the back taking pictures  is AndrĂ©s Vargas, a photographer from around here I really admire, you can check his amazing work at his flickr account (CLICK HERE)


Wish i had this.

Gerry, properly exposed this time

Glo dancing

Johannes and Glo

Hand dryer with a blue light. That is seriously cool.

My  absolute favorite pic of the night. It just looks like a movie still. I love how gorgeous and at peace Glor looks here

I swear I wasn't trying to look interesting, I was actually staring at someone and being a creep. lol 

Driving around empty streets at 3am is so relaxing. 

Calzada Roosevelt . If you were to see this street at 6pm you would it see it drowned in traffic. 

Mischief managed.

Friday, August 12, 2011


Happy International Youth Day!!!

I forever pledge to be young, carefree, high on life and regret nothing. Forever a little boy and never a man. Always wonder, Always wander, Wonder, Wander, Wonderlust, Wanderlust! This is my oath. This is how I live. I let go for a living.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Urban Sunset

A sunset, from my house. This is the view I've grown up with my entire life.  I went out to the terrace and as soon as I got out, there was this firefly going all around and then it landed on my hand. I was able to take only a couple snapshots before it finally took off into the setting sky.

Lightbulb was just lighting up when i took this

there's life everywhere

This is one of the most recent additions to the landscape. Wasn't here when I was a kid.

My neighbor was enjoying a ping pong match with his dad