Tuesday, September 27, 2011


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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Dusk and Showers

Dusk, that last hour of daylight where all magic happens, where colors become alive and dance all around you in billions of shades of happiness, where the Sun says goodbye for the day and goes to sleep, giving you one last lazy hug, giving way to night, the time of fresh darkness, which happened to welcome us with a light shower of refreshing rain that trickled down our faces, skin and clothes, forming little rivers and making music of it all along.

I will never get enough.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

CHAPTER II: Three years ago, this day

A little bit different than the usual, sometimes, some things have to be remembered at a certain time, painful as they may be. 

A song to go with this.


Then, the boy woke up on this day, on a chill September morning, three years ago. Feeling excited, and dazed, but not confused, he looked up to the north, and lo and behold, the North came to him, and stayed around for a little while.

"Come over here," the North said, "I'll stay here with you."

"Come over here," the North said, "I'll lie here with you"

And so, ice was broken. And they just lay there, watching the stars over cold pizza, listening to music and talking, talking and talking. And they shared a lot in common, which somehow, wasn't a surprise to the boy. How cool is to share the same music taste with the North?

The boy just stared into the North's eyes amazed and hypnotized over the North finally materializing into something real. He listened to the North talk about 'nothings' and 'everythings' for quite a long time. Stories from far away. Laughter and dorking around. Even eating strawberry ice cream syrup out of the bottle! The North even helped the boy do some homework which was due the next day. Something this big and important just doesn't happen very often.

And it was even more special because the boy had already dreamed about the North, and before he even knew what was going on, his dream actually… came true. And as it is common knowledge to all, when a dream comes true, all the colors just seem more saturated, impossibles don't seem so, the right songs are just stuck in your head, a shooting star falls right into the sky, and little spider watches attentively while spinning her web.

And so, they talked and talked until they finally fell asleep and they both dreamed the same things.

The next morning, they woke up and forgot to have breakfast, while the North accompanied the boy to school, where they both sat (after asking permission from the teacher to allow a "foreign interchange student" for just that day). After class, they both again went for this really tasty pizza, discovering both really liked artichokes in pizza, and then to the grocery store, where they got random things they didn't really need but bought anyways.

Then they went back to the house and kept watching movies and TV and having fun as much as they could, while they could.

Then, the North grew a bit somber, and with its voice barely a whisper, it said, "I have now overstayed too long", the North said, "we know I leave tomorrow". The boy grew sad, a grin turning into a grimace and a little teenie tiny shiny tear, which looked like the purest crystal due to the moon hitting it on the right angle, fell across his cheek. 

And he just looked at the North and the surroundings, trying to take as much in as to remember it in vivid detail afterwards. Then they kept listening to music to wash those thoughts away from their minds for the rest of the night.

They had so much fun they nearly didn't get any picture taken, at least to prove it had happened, for everyone wouldn't believe such a magical thing being real. Oh but it was. At least for the boy, he knew in his heart this was real, and would be something he would cherish for many days to come.

Thing is, it is pretty hard for something magical to shine forever, for everything, EVERYTHING, changes with the weather, so the North finally had to speak again the next day.

The North said, "It has all been really new to me, and i swear this to be true"
"It has been new to me too", the boy replied "and I show a smile, for I am contempt, but I'm also too weak to speak, parting would tear me apart"

The North looked thoughtful, and more than replying it thought out loud. "I cannot leave, I don't want to leave, but also I cannot stay".
"I know", the boy barely said.
"I have to leave now, but let's not make it any harder than it already is", the North said, while having a really hard time to speak as well, and painting mindless scribbles on the sidewalk with a chalk, "let me walk away and I'll try not turning back"
"Okay" was all the boy could say, eyes staring blankly into the horizon.

And so, the North stood up and started walking away. The boy didn't even look as not to make it more real than it already was.

Then when the boy opened his eyes, the North was again at his side.

"This is too hard" the North said. Then grabbed the chalk and wrote down the time, One-Forty P.M.

Then the North asked the boy this really important question, and the boy answered truthfully. No one had asked the boy this question before (and no one ever has since) so it was all new and wondrous to him.

The boy couldn't resist, and gave the North a warm hug, which the North promptly returned. "I cannot say anything else, for I would asphyxiate on any word," the boy said.
"Goodbye" the North said. 
"Goodbye" the boy said, and whispered, "I will wait here for you"
"Goodbye" the North said again, "as much as is possible for me, I'll share with you. Look around, I am here, doesn't count, far or near, I will be by your side, even just for a little while".

The North, then left, with a breeze, floating away into the clear blue Autumn sky.

The boy started walking in the opposite direction, feeling empty and really sad, but really happy at the same time about the chance he was given. "I  will look for you, in every passing cloud", he promised up to the Sky.

The wind then approached the boy and whispered into his ear, "Don't be sad, let me help you carry your sorrow, because I know to you it is sacred, I'll never lose it, I will forever save it".

The boy accepted the deal and thanked the wind, and went home. Feeling sad, feeling happy, feeling empty, but not feeling alone. Feeling satisfied, bright and warm. Not feeling alone.

Far away, another shooting star fell into the sky, while a little spider weaved her web, three years ago, this day.

The boy hadn't smiled that much in such a long time.

DMLFANBYAIWLFIn memoriam of the North, 2008. JPA

All pictures taken that day.

The skies into which the North floated away

the boy, that day, and a missing half.
As written by the North

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Double, Double, Toil and Trouble

September 1st. The day we go back to Hogwarts.