Sunday, December 2, 2012

I'll be seeing you around, Abuelita

My grandmother has passed away, at 6am on this brisky sunday morning.

There's a new cloud in the sky,
There's a new tree sprouting from rich, moist, mossy soil,
There's a new star shining bright like diamonds in the Universe,
There's a new leaf on a tree,
There's a new drop of rain,
There's a new breeze running free and playful across the world,
There's a new wave in the Sea,
There's a new empty space where you used to be.

But I see you in every corner, in every plant, in every flower, in every single thing that surrounds me, for that's what you were made of: stars, nature, sun, flowers and boundless love that never stopped burning like the brightest of bonfires.

From Nature, which you loved so much, you came, and to Nature, which you taught us all to love so much, you now go back, to become part of it all once more

My friend, my confident, my personal storyteller, my nurse, my cook, my play partner, my teacher, my second mother, my angel, my shining star, the sweetest perfume on Earth.

For all the laughs we shared, our several inside jokes and secrets, and how you greatly made me into the man I am today,

I'll be seeing you around, Abuelita.