Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A million words. 2011

They say that one picture's worth a thousand words, I wonder how many words can 101 pictures say

As a photographer one is pretty much always, behind the lens. Luckily, I am surrounded with people who love photography as much as I do, and every once in a while I manage to actually BE in the picture.

These are some of the many memories of my 2011. 101 pictures aren't enough but they are a little window to what my life was last year. I had a great time with friends, near and far and also met incredible people that I know will play an important role in 2012.

All pictures and movie stills shot by Gloria, Tavo, Pablo, Eddie, Pamela, more friends, family and me. 
Color, me.

That's how 2011 started for me, with my best friend and partner in mischief

Living free.

The endless road. Around 2 am

Tavo and our dear model.

Me. Being me.

Pablo & Pablo

That's a wrap

Friends got me enrolled for a day in Salsa dance lessons without me knowing

Top of the world. Home to dreams, stories under blankets and warm chinese food.

Dorking around with our props for the shoot. Pablo, Eyleen (our stylist and fashion designer) and me.

Eyleen and Tavo.

Eyleen, making everything look perfect. Headband designed and made by her.

The world ceases to exist when I am behind my lens in a way I can't describe

Sun Kiss.

Pablo Contreras, a great photographer with whom I work from time to time. For his work visit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/pcshots
For our joint work: http://www.flickr.com/photos/pabloandpablo

Blue 'stache

Eyleen, Tavo and Pablo

That's a (nother) wrap! I'm never too tired after photoshoots. I NEVER WANT TO STOP.

Dorking out with the lights. Me (left) and Otto (right)

Photographing a teenage girl's party, I had a gummy bear and chocolate overdose that night

Neighborhood walks in the last hour of Sunlight

Home movie stills. Eddie, from Walk  with Me.

Peaceful naps after meaningful talks, while a summer breeze came through the front door


one of many Saturdays I will never forget

Happiness under the rain

Cooking Pizza that tastes like home.

Warm food with the best of company

One of many days I laughed so much until it hurt just perfect

Shooting the Winter Bloom collection for my dear friend and incredible designer Eyleen Jordan

The lovely designer herself

Projecting my father's memories he took during a trip he made before I was born.

Afternoon walks

Sun filled naps

One of the many lovely talks over coffee and sweet food I had this year

with Eddie and Yoko. Relaxing evenings like this that make the heart content

Basement fun with the near and dear after a great dinner

I live for days like this one.


Cooking lessons with my best friend. We made Indian ice cream and more 

Gloria's Birthday when we went to see Johannes play with his band

"I am going to drive until it burns my bones"
I've lost count of how many late night drives and adventures we've had. A busy city like a  beehive during the day, we make it ours at night. And so we feel more alive than ever.

Setting up the props for a shoot

Scouting day

Exploring the city


Adventures with close friends

Coffee with a friend while watching the world move endlessly

The best drummer I know.

The birthday cake Gloria baked for me. Chocolate, orange, spices and her magic touch. Warmth made cake.

Friends that became family

My dear and beloved Monica

Pamela. Guaranteed, she will make me laugh whenever she is around

The day we got stuck in a stranger's garage for several hours due to heavy rain, until it was pitch black. But it never mattered. Good company keeps the heart warm when everything around is cold.

The Stranger's garage.

Sun filled days with rainbow sunsets. Later, a cricket sang a song for us, while our hearts beat like little drums

Picnics in peaceful places

A still from the movie of our life


Paquita. Johannes' Chihuaha

The day we went looking for a Christmas tree with Pamela and her boyfriend Jose

Laying in the grass under the cold chilly air

The Road is Home

Like a flame, she is made of Fire.

Chocolate wine

A homely Italian meal to feed our Wanderlust

A gift for me, from a little lion
A present I got on Christmas

4 am

Christmas Eve. My nephew and niece shooting rays of light

Buried feet under sea and sand

Dancing in the Ocean

The last half hour of 2011
Writings on the inner roof of my car. I carry my friends and the memories of our days wherever I go

True words



  1. So many memories and no one with ur sis mmmm

  2. Ohh MY!!! I can't believe that I lived most of the pics :D Amazing year!!

  3. thanks for stopping by, glad you like my work. happy new year !

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comments Teresa! much love from Guatemala <3


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