Thursday, October 20, 2011

Welcome home, Sun

We've been having awfully bad weather here in Guatemala the past weeks. Nonstop rain 24/7 and ice cold days. A lot of tragedy, roads blocked due to landslides, car accidents, overgrown rivers, crops were lost and even worse, human lives.

That is why I think we all looked up to the sky in awe today, for the first time in weeks we had a sunny, nice and calm day. 

Welcome home, Sun, you've brought us hope and warmth.

Welcome home, Sun. I missed you.

Going out with my family to enjoy the city and really nice afternoon

the first sunset in weeks


  1. The sky is perfect,the tones and dof.

  2. Como siempre geniales fotos. Es más, me llega más como se ve la ciudad en tus fotos que en la vida real.

    (creo que fuera aún más bonita si no hubiera tanto cable de un lado a otro)

  3. @spd

    Monsieur Speedy! gracias por chequear las pics mano!!!! "Me llega má´s como se ve la ciudad en tus fotos que en la vida real" hahaaha eso me hizo el día xDDD


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