Thursday, July 21, 2011


My neighbor across the street one quiet afternoon in the last hour of sunlight. I tried to do the tricks he was doing and failed miserably, it kept getting tangled! Looked easy but it does require quite some practice. 

I remember when I was a kid I loved playing yoyo, spinning top (trompo) fights and having marble matches at school. I remember vividly it usually was just before rainy season that these things would become trendy at school every year, then rain would come but we would still play nonetheless. I would come home with mud on my shoes and the knee part of my pants, but with a big smile and my winnings (or losses) of the day, and I couldn't wait until it was the next day to get out there and play again. It was so much carefree fun.

Why don't we do that anymore?

I still have my marbles.

I uploaded my favorite picks of this set to my flickr account as well. CLICK HERE TO GO THERE

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  1. No lo hacemos porque nos volvemos demasiado formales, y olvidamos el niño que llevamos dentro, o sencillamente nos volvemos ciergos a lo que es importante: las cosas simples de la vida que nos hacen felices.


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